WP GDPR Fix Review

What is GDPR Fix and does it work?

Bottom line – this plugin will make it easier for you to be compliant – get it now!

Unless you are living under a rock you have probably heard of GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation. It is a new EU law that affects how data is stored, processed and managed for EU citizens.

Although you may not be based in the EU, ie your company is in the USA you still need to have policies in place if you manage EU citizens' data.

There's two options here either block traffic from EU countries or get more compliant.

This review of WP GDPR Fix is going to help you get more compliant.

I have been talking with the developer of this plugin for a couple of weeks now Cyril Maithily Gupta, and probably giving him a pain in the ass but I want to make sure this works!

What does WP GDPR Fix do?

It puts a mechanism in place so you can:

  • Get people to accept your privacy policy
  • Get people to accept your terms and conditions
  • Manage request for data amends
  • Manage request for the right to be forgotten – very very important
  • Manage data breaches – again very important

This plugin makes things easier but you also need to consult with a lawyer to make sure your site and processes are compliant.

using  WP GDPR Fix

The plugin works like any other plugin – you install it and then configure the various options which is a very step by step process. For me the key to this plugin is the following

  • managing of requests
  • blocking eu countries

These two features alone make it truly worth the investment.

GDPR bonuses

If you invest via my link, I will be putting on a special webinar walking you thru the install of the software (2 x 30 minutes) to help you with all aspects of the plugin. This will be a group webinar

Bottom line – this plugin will make it easier for you to be compliant – get it now!