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You've heard that before right?! I know but let me tell you the two reasons people don't have success.

Firstly they don't know what to do - that's stumbling block number one, but many people find out what needs to be done but then they hit stumbling block number 2

Negative Mindset! Yes it is something that happens to many people that they don't even realise it but they are not in the right state of mind to succeed.  The huge challenge is to believe you can do this, stay in the zone and actually get things done.!

I'm Richard Butler, Coach, Trainer and all round nice guy!  I am here to help you tackle your mindset issues and your business issues. In this site you are going to find my blog posts about the basics as to where do you start when it comes to an online business, right thru the more technical aspects such as hosting and more.

I also want to help you with your mindset (I have some great videos for you - just sign up on the right)

Believe me I know what you are going thru - and no I am not some high flying guru and you won't find any pictures of Ferrari's or holidays homes in California :). What you will find is real honest opinions about what I am doing in my business and what is working (and what is not!)

I also want to provide you with honest reviews of products that I use - such as the best PLR sources I use to the hosting that I recommend!

If there is anything you need please just let me know

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