Time to put pen to paper!

In my first blog post I wrote a little bit about writing content for blog posts, but now I want to get into the nitty gritty of how you actually write good content even though you might not believe you can do it.

Let me reassure you that you can write content, and you can write very compelling content because you are an expert!

In order to write good content you need to write about something that you know about. There's no point trying to write about DIY if you know nothing about it.

Writing is a key skill you need to have if you want to create your own business online.

You should never copy anyone's work but you can use it as a basis to structure your own content.

It is possible to outsource (pay someone to write for you) or you can save money and write your content.

Key takeaway

10 by 10 Matrix

Did you create your 10 by 10 matrix? To recap – you want to write out 10 topics you can write about regarding your chosen subject and then take each one of those ideas and write out 10 sub topics.  Once you do this you will end up with 100 ideas or perhaps 100 pages of content  for your website.

Believe me once you do this your creativity will start to flow and you will find it very easy to come up with idea.  At this point you don't want to disregard any ideas or topics – this part of the process is just to do a braindump.  Some of the ideas that come up may be used at a later stage of the process.

But I can't write

 Many people believe that they can not write to save their live! Listen, you don't need to be Steven King to be able to write compelling blog content.  What you want to do is to take imperfect action rather than perfect inaction. You see too many people want to wait until everything is perfect – but let me tell you it will never be perfect!

The truth is that you need to get content written, and the more you write the better you get. It is a positive “vicious circle”

In order to get started take your first main topic and begin to research on the internet to see what has already been written.  

  • What type of content is in similar articles?
  • What is the word count of such articles?
  • How does your expertise compliment or how can it improve the current articles?

Start to bookmark all these articles, but set yourself a timeframe to do this.  The danger here is that you may end up spending months researching and not taking action.

I want you to take quick action after researching. Give yourself a time frame of 2 days to research and write each article!

Can I copy other people's work?

No way! Never, ever consider copying someone's work, or never try to take different parts of articles and just “mash” them together.  This is illegal and a breach of copyright.

However, what you can do is take ideas from each article and use this as a basic structure for your article.  There is a big difference here from directly copying an article word for word and using a series of article as a basis for the outline for your article.

The one way to lose face in the eyes of the market is to be exposed as someone who just copied another person's ideas.  

What about getting others to write for me?

That is a possibility, however realise that there are two elements at play – you either get the articles written for you and pay money, or you write them yourself and save money!

The option is yours,  however if you are on a budget I would start by writing the articles yourself.  This also gives you practice as you will be writing a lot for your business (emails, sales pages, press releases and more!) so the better you are at writing the better.

In my next post I am going to talk about one secret source I use to not only create blog posts but also my udemy courses!

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