WP Hyperspeed Review

How to speed up your WordPress site

There's two ways:

  1. is to speed up the first page that loads – you can test this using Google insights
  2. is to speed up the load time of pages once a person is on your site.

You see the issue is not just getting someone to your homepage of your site, but it is when they are there how quick is it to load other pages. If they have to wait around for each page to load they may well leave your site.

This is where WP Hyperspeed comes into play, just watch the video below:

Having a reliable delivery service, and a full autoresponder service from within WordPress is going to save you a lot of time and money – see if the appsumo deal is still live.

Key takeaway

WP Hyperspeed will speed up the page load of your site by caching (loading in the background) all the page elements so that when you click from one page to another it will load instantly.

This is going to really help with your engagement and keeping people on your site!

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