At the beginning!

So you have decided that you want to start an online business, or to create a blog to see if you can make some sort of money online.

I know what it's like. You see the amazing income claims and you want a slice of the pie too!  But there is so much to do so where do you start?

It is probably the first stumbling block that most have, along with some limiting beliefs which I will crush in this blog post.

Start at the beginning

Break down the idea and focus on one topic

Create a 10 by 10 matrix

Above all believe in yourself and dispell any limiting beliefs

Key takeaway

The first thing is you have to break everything down to the basic. 

Let's start with an idea. You want to create a blog about gardening

First limiting belief –  there are already a ton of gardening blogs or websites so why would anyone read mine.

Look there are millions of websites about the same topics but many are successful. Why? Because a good blogger or author will know that they can put a unique spin on any topic.

You need to start to thinking about how your blog can be different.  Is it a particular way that you garden that makes you different? Is it that you can make really interesting videos or write engaging content. Well you have to be different.

This blog you are reading is one of many websites that talk about business building and or review different tools for your business, however what is different is that I am focusing on being real, ethical and honest and my vision is to help you and not to suck money out of you at all costs. 

Second limiting belief – I don't knew where to start, there's so much to do.

Yes there is lots to do but this blog and the ones that follow are going to help you discover how easy it is (plus I am going to tell you what I use in order to save you time and money!)

I would suggest that the very first thing you do is decide what you would like to blog about, or what your business or service is. Then you need to brainstorm all the ideas about your blog or service.

For example, gardening:

  • outdoor gardening
  • growing flowers
  • pruning trees or bushes
  • gardening for those who live in an apartment
  • growing vegetables

You see how many ideas there are?

10 by 10 Matrix

Now I suggest you create a 10 by 10 matrix. This means that you will first come up with 10 main topics. Once you have done this you then start to create 10 sub topics for each main topic (by the end of this you should have 100 topics for your blog.) Try this method and you discover how effective it is

Once you have that sorted out it's time to  start to write (yup we are not even going to get to websites, hosting and all that stuff yet!)

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