Video hosting do you need it and why?

If you want to build a tribe you need them to like you and trust you.

If you want to sell something you need to show people what you are selling or what they are buying (if it's a review).

How do you do this? With video. In this article I talk about why you need video hosting and which one to buy (limited offer)

If you want to embed and use video on your website you need video hosting – grab lifetime access to Alugha here.

Key takeaway

There are three real options to hosting videos (well there are more but here I talk about two):

YouTube – a free platform with a lot of traffic. You can have your own channel (highly recommended) and you can embed videos on your site.

The advantage is this platform is free, the disadvantage is if you embed your video you have little control over branding etc.

Vimeo – a paid platform with a lot of branding options – remove their logo, add your own custom screens and more.

The major disadvantage is that if you are using this for affiliate marketing you really should be using their business plan (which is expensive).

Now there's a new kid on the block – Alugha. This platform is currently on an Appsumo deal.

It allows you to have host your own videos and have no branding (but this is actually just a small part of the system.)

Watch the full video below for the full scoop:


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