Write It Down & Get It Done

I have to admit sometimes I have struggled with getting things done.


Because I was not in the habit of doing things on a regular basis. You see if you write down the things you have to do each day you will more than likely get them done, and then after a while they become a habit.

Think about going to the gym, if you go everyday then it becomes natural. If you don't go it becomes normal not to go!

By writing things down you commit to paper, by committing to paper you have a great chance of succeeding.  The Peak Performance Diary can really help.

Key takeaway

At the end of 2019 I was in the Amazon bookstore in New York and I saw a Peak Performance Journal/Diary – now I am a sucker for journals, but this one really stood out. I was about to buy it, but then I looked on Amazon Spain and saw it was cheaper! Ironic right 🙂

I bought it via Amazon in Spain, and started working with it and saw that my focus improved – slowly but surely I was getting more and more thing done. I was so impressed that I bought an additional 6 diaries!

Find out why I liked it and take a look here 

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