What Does It Take To Do Email Marketing?

Being an email marketer is where it is at (or so the Kool kids say!)

But seriously without a list you can't let people know about your products, services and affiliate promotions. 

However, building and running a list can be expensive, especially when you are starting out. Sure if you are making a gizzilion a month then $40 or $50 is not a lot, but if you're starting out it's an extra expense.

Well today I want to review MailPoet, which is a plugin for WordPress that will allow you to run your autoresponder from your site.

Not only this but they offer top notch delivery of your email.


Having a reliable delivery service, and a full autoresponder service from within WordPress is going to save you a lot of time and money – see if the appsumo deal is still live.

Key takeaway

In this review of MailPoet I am going to go through a number of key items that you need to understand.

What is an AutoResponder?

Let's get this question out of the way.

An autoresponder is a system that allows you to create a:

List  – a file where the email address and name of  people who subscribe are kept

Form – an element on a page where people can enter in the email address and name and get added to a list

Email sequence – once people have been added to your list you want to automatically send them out emails (who wants to be sending out emails manually!). This could be once they sign up and then everyday for 5 days.

List management – a way to allow people to change their subscription – eg remove themselves etc

Broadcast – a way to send out messages to your list at any given time (difference here is that you can broadcast at any time – eg to promote a product today)

So the AR part should be clear now. It looks after everything for you.

Email delivery

The first part of the AR is to actually get people on your list – there are many systems that can do this but MailPoet is designed for WordPress but does more than just for this!

The second part in the equation is to get the email delivered to a persons inbox – this is the tricky part.


Because email providers, like outlook, google, yahoo etc, aggressively filter and try to stop spam or messages they perceive as spam,  from hitting the inboxes of their users – hooray for the users, boo for us marketers.

Of course you need to send well written, no spammy emails to stand a chance of getting into the inbox.

But some AR companies have bad reputations, while they may say they get emails delivered, that may be true, but not true! Huh?! You see for many email deliveries companies a delivery is marked as a delivery even if it goes to spam straight away – it's been delivered but not to where you wanted!

I have heard that even the big well know players can sometimes put the new customers on systems that won't actually get your emails delivered.

MailPoet have a very aggressive policy on spam (which is great) as they want to uphold their reputation for all.

The Review

Below you will find the video review I did, and underneath my thoughts:

So my thoughts?

The Appsumo deal is incredible value for money, with top notch delivery and and easy to use interface this is a must!

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