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Search Engine Optimisation or SEO for short, is a something you will hear a lot once you get your website up and running. But what exactly is SEO and do you need it?

In this post I will explain what is important,  what you should do and what you don't need to do.

So let's get started.

Content is, and  always has been, king!

Write with your visitors in  mind not the search engines

Re-read what you wrote and even read it aloud to see if it sounds natural

Key takeaway

The first thing to remember is that search engines (but let's be honest we are talking google here) want a site that has good content.  They want content that their searchers want to read.


My first rule of thumb with websites is to write for humans (not search engines) and to write great and engaging content. 


Here's what usually happens:


site owner:
“I want to write an article about web design”

someone who thinks they know SEO:
“Oh you need to use the keyword web design as much as you can in your article”


The resulting article has the words web design repeated throughout the document, from the page name, to the headline to the ps.


The problem here is that they are writing for the search engine and not the human viewing the page.


Look would you go to a meeting and have a conversation like this:


“web design. Hi there my name is Richard and I love Web design. Do you like web design? Web design is really important and you need to have good web design”


Of course you would not,  however that is what so many people do online.


what you need to do


You need to plan out your article and set an objective as to what information you want to convey.  You will  then outline your article with the key elements and then begin to write.


You won't even think about the search engine, rather, you will think of the ideal visitor to your website and what they want to know.


When you do this, and if your content is engaging, people will comment and share your article.


Probably one of the, current, key indicators for search engines (apart from a quality article) is social signals, that is how often your content is liked and shared.  Your aim is to always ensure that people are encouraged to share your content. Thus you must make the content so engaging that they want to share it.

Once we get onto the topic of building your website I will discuss SEO in more detail, however, for now ensure that you write content for your visitor not for the search engines.

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