the 80/20 rule

Let's start with a really important lesson right from the start!

When talking about PLR you need to remember the 80/20 rule.

This rule says that 80% of your profits or results will come from 20% of the work you do.

However let me apply to this to PLR. (There's a bit of maths here but don't run away just yet!)

Be aware of the 80/20 rule and then be aware that this is sub divided by the 80/20 rule again

Always rewrite your PLR unless you are doing 1 (or all) of 3 things

When you find a great source of PLR you are going to have enough content for live!

Key takeaway

The truth is that people love PLR as it makes it easy to get good content at a reasonable price that you can then use.  However this is where the 80/20 rule comes into play.

The honest truth is that 80% of the people who buy PLR will not use it! Yes it's true, people will buy and keep it for “sometime” when they need it. The reality is that they will not use it!

The other 20% can be again sub divided by the 80/20 rule.  80% of the 20% who will use the PLR will use it “as is” and not change the content in anyway.

Now I want you to be part of the 20% of the original 20% (yeah this is getting confusing right!

How can I use PLR?

Let me establish one thing. Private Label Rights is amazing but never, ever, ever post a report or article “as is” (there are some ways you can use it as is but I will detail that later.)

Why can you not use it “as is.” Google duplicate content rule.  Google wants to provide unique and engaging content to searchers. Thus if it finds that 10 sites are using the exact content it will do one of two things:

  1. only rank the site that posted the content first and not rank the other sites
  2. decide not to rank any of the sites regardless of who posted the content first!

So either way you will probably not gain anything!

Use PLR as a basis/outline for your own content

The most effective way of using PLR is to use it as an outline to help you with your creativity.  I always do this and below I explain my process.

I take the content of the article and post it into a new WordPress post. 

I then systamatically go down thru the article and rewrite practically every sentence into my own words.

This save me hours of time of planning out what I want to write about. As you get better at re-writing you will find that you can re-write articles quickly (it usually takes me about 15 – 20 minutes to re-write a PLR article.)

Use PLR for tweets/facebook

Once you have re-written your PLR article you can take snippets of it and use it to engage followers on Facebook and twitter. You simply take one or two sentences, ask a question and then link back to your WordPress blog post.

when you can use PLR as is

I did mention that in some instances you can use PLR as is and I do it for a number of mediums.

The first is for emails.  You could take an article, break it up into 3 parts and then  send 3 emails out to your list (ensuring that the article is relevant to your list.)

Since your emails may not be publicly available on the web (unless you publish them), the content is thus unique for your subscribers.

The second is podcasts. The second great way to use quality PLR is to read and record it and create a podcast (this is something I do a lot – blog post about this coming soon.) Since you are unique your podcast will also be unique in it's content. This is such an easy win that everyone should do it.

The third is creating videos. The final idea I will give you is to create a video, or set of videos (for youtube or for a course) using PLR material as is.  You could create a PowerPoint style video or even a talking head video.)

The tips here should get your mind racing as to how to create amazing content  with PLR. However, remember, the only two sources of PLR I recommend are this general PLR site and this premium site!

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