How To Make Money Online

This is a question that many people ask, and in fact type into Google to find the answer.  More than ever people are asking how do I make money online. At this point in time it is totally understandable. People are losing their jobs, salaries are being cut, no one knows what is going to happen in the next few weeks or months.

Thus people go to the internet to see if it has the magic answer they are looking for.

The unfortunate truth

The truth is if you search for “how to make money online” you will find numerous websites showing you how to “get rich” online. You see there are many, many, many “gurus” or “marketers” that sell you information on how to get rich and show you how much they have made.

But let's look at what 90% of these people don't tell you:

  • they may be selling you theory rather than tried and tested selling – eg find a niche, produce a product and you could make money like what I am showing you below
  • they have made money selling their own products, but to make that $1000 a day they are spending $990 on advertising
  • their product only works if you buy every single item in their “funnel” – the offers you are given after buying the first product you see
  • they pay pay thousands of dollars to get the fancy video, the sales page etc that will tug at your heart strings and make you feel that you really can do this.

The language they use

Most of the sales pages I have seen will tell you their story, of how they were living in a car, and then discovered the internet, spent some money, lost some money and then found the secret that made them rich!  Fundamentally all the sales pages will follow this pattern.

They tell you that what they discovered is something that they can't keep a secret any longer.  That's why they are offering it to you for the price of a pizza!

In fact the system is so easy to use that even a 10 year old could do it.

They will also tell you how little work you need to do to make $100 – $500 a day.

Why do they do this?

Honestly? Because it sells, because it makes you feel that right now, this last product that you are going to buy could be “the one” which will change your life.

They tell you that it is so easy, so you think, wow even I could do this.

But the problem is when they tell you this and then it does not work for you it makes you feel even worse than when you started off.

You then go looking for another product to fulfil your needs.

Why did X promote this product to me?

Again Mr or Mrs X promoted this product to you? Honestly, the reason is because their buddy said they would give them a huge commission if they did. Not only that, but if Mr or Mrs X don't promote then their buddy won't promote their product.

I actually reached out to a marketer and asked why are you promoting this crap? He told me he basically had to as the product creator has promoted his product ;(

Yes, sad, but true.

Let me help you

Here's the first step I want you to take – listen to this audio I recorded with Alex Jeffreys (just scroll down as this one is free) and start to take action.

Make sure you sign up so I can provide you with more insider information.


Rather than help you many of the gurus and marketers online want to take your money – true fact!

Key takeaway

Start to learn and earn

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