it's a great question!

A question I am often asked is “Do I really need a website?” You'd be surprised how many people have this question.

It is also interesting to see what people define as a website and what they think they do and don't need!

In this blog post I want to explore the options that are out there and put forward my reasons why you need a website (if you need one at all!)

There's three things you have to do and there is only one way to really do it well.

While social profiles are important you really need to make sure you are hitting the three most important things explained in this article.

Key takeaway

I do get a lot of questions from people asking is it necessary to have a website.  You see they want to build their brand online – either business or personal but they wonder if it is necessary to go through the “hassle” of building a website.

So let's look at the options that are available:

Facebook pages

Facebook offers businesses the ability to create facebook pages about their product or service.  You can upload information about your service, answer questions and interact and engage your audience.  Seems great right?

While a Facebook page is a great additional source to your online presence I don't think it should be the only one.


What if someone reports your page and Facebook decide to close down your page? You've now lost your whole audience and perhaps your whole business!

While being able to engage with your audience is great, it may also take up a lot of your time – people will expect near instant replies to their queries as it is Facebook after all!

The amount of information and what you can do on your page will be subject to Facebooks rules and guidelines, thus you may not be able to easily post blog articles and videos as easily as on your webpage.  

Are all your target audience on Facebook?  Maybe not, as I know that many of the younger generation say to me that Facebook is for oldies (ie those of us over 25!)

Having said that I do believe having a Facebook page is important as an additional tool but I don't think it should be the only tool.

Lead or Capture pages

Some people will avoid facebook pages and go for a lead or capture page.  This is one page which has a call to action asking people to give their email address in exchange for a free gift, such as a report, an audio or video.  The idea behind this is to allow a person to build a list of subscribers.

While a lead page is essential it serves only one purpose and this is to capture an email address or perhaps to sell a product.  The major problem here is that your visitors will not get all the answers they are looking for about you from a lead page.  However you should have one!


There are many other social networks that you could use (and should use) such as LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and I am sure more. However, all of these should be seen as secondary sources where you have a presence, rather than the main one.

You see the whole idea here is to build up three important things – Know, Like and Trust.

People need to get to know you, then they need to like what you say online and from there they will start to trust you. Once they trust you they will buy from you. I find it impossible to buy from someone that I do not know, like and trust.

You can only build this up by creating a website. And that is the subject of my next article!

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