Why would I need a teleprompter?

If you're a video content creator you may have struggled with your video recordings.


Well no matter how great a speaker we may be sometimes it can be really difficult to remember what we want to talk about.  When I started off my videos were pretty bad!

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Key takeaway

Then I got better and better, but I still had the issue of trying to remember what I was talking about.  Thus, what would happen would be that I would start talking, forget what I wanted to say, had to go back to look at my notes, record again etc.

I ended up with maybe 60 minutes of video which was edited down to maybe 9 minutes of actual (jumpy) video.

I say jumpy because every time you stop and start you may have moved slightly and then the flow is going.

Enter the teleprompter

A few months ago I got a physical teleprompter but for this to work you need to have two phones – one that records and one that shows your script.

I have to say it really made a difference.

However all the while I was being targeted by an app that would also do this – bigvu. This app seemed cool, basically you download an app, paste in your script and then using their built in recorder you read and record at the same time.

I liked the idea as really we all use our smart phones, however, the price made me pull back.

Then I saw it bigvu on appsumo on a lifetime deal – $69 for life.

I decided to review it below:

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