Is it true?

Do you remember the movie “field of dreams”? If I remember, it was all about a guy who has a dream of building a baseball field.

 There's a famous line in it where one of the actors says “build it and they will come.” But is this actually true? Let's examine this, as many people spend so much time creating content and building websites and then expect visitors to arrive on their blog.

In this blog post I want to  explore this idea in a bit more detail.

Write quality content, which is relevant to your target audience.

The information you provide should timely, up to date and written for a human, not a search engine.

Key takeaway

Let's start by talking about content.  Content is the life blood of the web and it is something that search engines (read Google) really love!

You see most search engines want to provide the visitor with the best results possible. Thus in order to be even considered by the search engines you need to have good content on your site that is relevant and not spammy!  

If you create a page about search engine marketing and it is just a paragraph of text with a link to software, the search engine will know it is just a trap to get people to come to the page so they click on the link.  Thus you will not be ranked for that page.

One rule of thumb is to write content for humans not search engines. You see in the “good old days” of search engine optimisation what people would do was write the  keyword they wanted to be ranked for 50 times in white on a white background!  The search engine would visit and see that the word appeared 50 times, and at that time was not clever enough to know that you were trying to “keyword stuff” and spam the search engine.

This has not worked now for many years, and is not advised!  You must write interesting and useful content.

Back to our original question

Build it and they will come – well the truth is it is a myth if you are starting out. Why? Because no one will know about your website, no one will have heard of it.

In order to get the word out you need to post on social media, email your list (oh you don't have one – well that's another lesson we need to talk about.)

What happens if you are stuck and believe you don't know what to write?

That's where PLR comes into play and this is the subject of my next blog post.

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