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When you start your online journey one of the first things you are going to discover is that every one talks about being an affiliate.

They say that being an affiliate can make you money with little or no work.  In this blog post I want to explore the truth behind this … and the dangers of affiliate commissions.

If you're not cloaking your links someone may be robbing your affiliate commissions

Use the handy plugin on this page to start protecting and earning!

Key takeaway

Believe it or not you have been doing affiliate marketing for many years offline!

Yes it's true.  However you've not been paid for it (more than likely.)  

You know when you go out to a really nice restaurant and you recommend it to friends?  They go and the love it and then the next time you recommend something they trust you and go to that restaurant or bar.  This is what affiliate marketing.

How does it work for you?

Many individuals, companies and online giants (Amazon, Ebay) will give a commission to people when they send business their way.

The commission you earn can be anything from 5% right up to 100% of the selling price – I kid you not!  All you need to do is send traffic to the product page using a special link.  This link might be something like where 123 is the unique identifier for you. If someone purchases through your link you earn a commission.

How does it work for the vendor?

Ok so you know you make a % from each sale but you might ask why would any company do this?  Basically because you do all the work and the vendor only pays if your traffic converts.  It is like having a team of sales people on a commission only basis so everyone wins right?


You could actually send a lot of traffic and not get paid ;( . Why?

Simply because there are people out there that will see your affiliate link ( and then either remove the /aff?=123 meaning you don't get the commission or replace it with their link.  Yes people do that.

After all your hard work in creating a review page, review video and more your commissions is basically stolen.

Is there a solution?

Yes there is and it won't cost you one single dime!!!

In order to protect your commissions you need a commission cloaker.  This software (WordPress plugin) allows you to do a number of things:

  • Create a unique url for each affiliate commission
  • Track the amount of clicks you are getting
  • Protect your hard earned commissions

Let's look at each point

Create a unique url

Instead of having an ugly url you will get a url such as (where XXX is the product name.) You then share this link and in the background the software does the necessary!  Now this has many advantages – the url is cleaner, but also the url will not be flagged (or may not be flagged by Facebook).

Any Jvzoo link (one of the most popular affiliate platforms) will be flagged by Facebook and you won't be able to post the link! Using this method you get around this issue.

 Track the amount of clicks you are getting

 By using the commission cloaker software you can also see how many people clicked on your link. Not only that but you could create different links for different campaigns.  What I mean by this is you could promote the link via email, social media and your website – each campaign will have a different link and then you can see which is more effective, that is do more people click on your link from an email or from social media.

Protect your hard earned commissions

Well I think we already discussed the importance of this.


You need to protect and track affiliate commissions otherwise you may be missing out on valuable income! You can download my free affiliate commission plugin here and know that you are protected.

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