Honest Video Builder App Review

The other day I saw that there was another launch going on.  This time for a video builder app that could not only create videos for you but would also allow you to use speaking characters.

What this means is you could have animated characters that would lip-synched and speak any text that you wanted.  This was done via a text to speech module in the app. I know this sounds quite interesting because you can have a little animated characters who would look as if they're actually speaking the words that the voice-over is saying.

I Have to say I do like video app so I went ahead and bought it and have to say I'm very pleased with it.

The video app builder is easy to use and does not need to be downloaded as it is a cloud based app so you can use it on any machine that you have. You can just log into it it the website and there is nothing to download.

Given that it is a cloud-based app means that you're not using any of the resources on your computer to render the videos so this is also another advantage as when I use an app like iMovie on my Mac it uses the dedicated resources of my Mac. This means that you can render a video and come back and it'll be ready for you and all the processing is done on their servers.

It's very simple and intuitive to use as it's all click and drag. Now to be honest the idea of the talking characters to me this is the least important part of the video builder application.


What I really like this app for is the ability to put together a simple little videos with a title intros sound affects a soundtrack or voice-over, video et cetera.


If you are buying this solely because of the lip syncing animated characters I think you'll be pleasantly surprised that they play a very small part in the overall video builder app experience. I think what you're getting here is a fully fledged video editor that you can start to create very interesting videos.

So why don't I really like the video characters. To be honest I prefer a more personal touch when I get on camera and that people can see me that rather than just having an animated character.

Is it worth buying Video Builder App?

The question is it worth buying? I use Mac exclusively and I have a iMovie on my Mac but sometimes if I need to do a quick video I might borrow somebody's PC and then I can just login to this cloud-based software and create a quick video, so yes to me this is well worth having it a really good tool to have in your marketing toolkit.