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Commission Gorilla V2

It is well know by marketers that the better the bonuses a person offers as an affiliate the more commissions they can bank.  Buyers will go on a bonus hunting spree before purchasing a product.  Make no mistake about it, nearly everyone does this.  So you want to be able to create a review page and a bonus page that stands out.

The key here is to make sure your bonus is directly related to the product. I personally use Commission Gorilla for a lot of the bonus pages I create as it is really easy and you can duplicate page layouts very easily.

Product Name: Commission Gorilla

Product Vendor: Promotelabs – Simon and Jeremy

Quick summary: A web based software (SaaS) that allows you to create stunning bonus pages with ease, with full tracking and built in products that you can offer as bonuses

Overall impressions: Well worth the  money and a proven way to  increase your commissions

Detailed review

Promotelabs, the creators of  many monkey products.  V2 is an upgraded version of their cutting edge bonus page creator and bonus delivery software.

In essence Commission Gorilla, allows you to create attractive bonus pages and also a download page where a buyer can access your bonuses.

What’s the advantage of this software?

The first advantage is that you can create a bonus page with ease as the whole interface is drag and drop.  If you want to put in a headline you just drag and drop the headline feature onto the page! Need a nice call to action button with your affiliate link on it? Simply drag and drop the button and paste in your link.

Now the real power of this software comes out to shine when you need to add your bonuses.  You can either select any number of the included bonuses (yeah you don’t even need to think about where to find bonuses) or you can create your own bonuses.  Once you have created them within the system you can reuse them quickly and easily – this means that putting up a bonus page is dead simple.

Is Commission Gorilla V2 easy to use?

Yes, in fact they will host your bonus page and your bonus download page so there is no need to worry about uploading files, updating your website or anything else like that!

What’s the advantage of using Commission Gorilla?

Ease of use, speed, collection of bonuses that you can use, excellent  support, well coded software, nothing to download – the list goes one.

What’s new in V2?

Apart from the under the  hood tinkering there are also some excellent cool new features

Import/Export pages – you can now create ready made pages that your affiliates can upload directly into commission gorilla!  This is a real bonus for your and a huge time saver for your affiliates.  Create a page and then click to export it.  You could even provide this as a service to others who have commission gorilla but have no “design skills”

10 new bonuses added – they have just added 10 new bonuses for you to help you build the best bonus page.  These are high quality bonuses that are bound to make your potential customers even more excited and more will to buy from your link (don’t forget you can also add your own bonuses to the bonus library)

Ready made templates – now there are even more ready made templates so that you don’t have to worry about creating the page – it’s already been done for you.  All you need to do is alter the text and fill in the blanks!

Why do I need to be able to create bonus pages?

Great question and the answer is simple! When a new product or service comes out people go bonus hunting. They search the web to see who has the best bonus and then they buy the product.  They normally look to see which bonuses compliment the product, which one is the best value and more.  Creating a bonus page can take time, and you have to upload images, the bonuses etc  – this is a time waster! With Commission Gorilla V2 you can create one bonus page and then  use their clone feature in order to make a copy of that bonus page and then have a new bonus page in seconds for the next product you want to promote and provide bonuses for.

If you want to make more commissions and greater bonus pages this is the one piece of software you need.

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