ChromeNgage Review

ChromeNgage Review – My honest thoughts

It seems that every week and new product comes out that tells us that there is a new way to get traffic to your website and one such product is chromengage. Now I know the creator of this software, Cindy Donovan and she is one of the good guys or girls of Internet marketing so I was curious to find out more about chromengage.

First of all let's talk about what a chrome extension is. It's like a little helper app that you can attach to chrome and it can provide some sort of functionality. Of course trying to build your own chrome extension is quite difficult. So this is where chromengage comes in.

You can build very simple extensions and submit them to the chrome web store. People can then download your extension.

Why would you want to have somebody downloading your extension? Well the reason is that it should provide something of value for the person (this is always number one reason behind anything that you do).

For you the advantage is that you can send notifications directly to a persons browser via the software that Cindy provides. Now think about this. In this day and age emails don't really get read by people. Everyone is too busy to read your email and you are competing against hundreds of other people.

However if a little notification pops up on your browser you're more likely to click on it or to read what the pop-ups says. For me this is what is the most powerful feature of the chrome extension creator.

But let's talk about what type of extensions you can create. Honestly they are very simple extensions for example a link to what is called a lead magnet. This is something something to get people interested in your product or service that you have. However the key is to ensure that you don't try and sell the person right away when they download and install your extension.  I am using them to give away free reports that I have created.

In fact you can see my video review below of the extension and you can check out more reviews on the sales page.

However what I do want to say to you is that if you use correct strategies I believe this like anything can drive more traffic to your website. But using it straight out of the box, well I think you're going to have to be more creative in deciding how to build  chrome extensions that one that people will download and will find useful.

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