Protect your affiliate commissions

When you begin affiliate marketing one of the things which you are given is a link which is personalised for you to track all of your sales. One of the problems is that  sometimes what can happen is people will steal your commissions by changing your link.

This is the first problem, the second problem is you want to be up to track your links. The reason why you want to track your links is because you want to be able to see what links produced what results. So for example a link on my blog versus a link I shared on Facebook.

There is a lot of software out there that will do affiliate link tracking but a lot of it is complicated. What I found, in my humble option, was the best affiliate link tracker, which was super easy to install and to set up and then to create and tracking links.

What the software does

The first thing it will let you do is create a cloaked link.  This then gives you a link like this one As you can see from this link I don't actually see what the product url is that I am being taken to.

The advantage of this is that the person won't just type in  and then you lose your commission. So for me this is really important. The second thing that it will do is allow you to categorise your affiliate links so that you can set up one for coaching, for traffic, for graphics etc.

This becomes useful because you can actually create hot pages which are pages where are you can list particular categories of links so for example all of my traffic links. That really is a second reason to use this software. But you do have to be careful because some affiliate networks don't allow you to use cloaked links.

The software also allows you to create uncloaked links – this means that it is compatible for the major affiliate networks like clickbank and JVzoo. Of course it goes without saying that the software will also record and track all of the clicks to that link so you can see how they are performing. Honestly I've been using link supercharger for more than three or four years and I found it to be invaluable so I highly recommend it