August 26, 2017

Legal Suite Pro Review by Mark Hess

Legal Suite Pro – Honest Review

Once you have your website set up one of the things that you need to have are legal pages. Why?

Well there are a number of reasons:

  1. Legally every page should have one so that visitors know about privacy policies, earning disclaimers (very important) and terms and conditions of use of the website
  2. It is said that Google and other search engines will rank pages higher if they have legal pages

Creating Legal Pages on WordPress

One of the challenges is creating legal pages on WordPress is that you need to make sure that they are written by a professional, that there are no mistakes on the pages and then of course you have to create the pages!  This is where Legal Suite Pro comes into its own.

It is a WordPress plugin that allows you to easily create legal pages that have been written by a lawyer and include information about your site.

Honestly when I say that it is one click and you’re done I am not joking.  Sure you could copy and paste these from another site (but firstly that’s illegal) but then you have to create the pages, change all the details etc.

Really how easy is Legal Suite Pro to use?

As I said it is simply entering a few details about your site and clicking a few buttons and then creating a bottom menu on your WordPress site to show all the pages.

There is also a very useful cookies bar that you can show at the bottom of the page (using this complies with EU cookie law).

I think it is probably best to see a demo of this so here’s Mark Hess (one of the creators showing you how it works;)