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Let me get straight to the point about as I know you are in a hurry and want to know is it really worth it. 

Short answer is and here's my 5 top reasons:

1) Quality resources each month

2) Reports, articles, workbooks and now full blown courses

3) Exceptional customer service

4) Full back catalog

5) New pay as you download pricing.

I've been a member of for nearly 10 years, and never has Ronnie let his member down.

Each and every month he delivers quality content an strives to wow his members even more!

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Key takeaway

Ok if you are still here with me then you want  to know more.

I joined as a lifetime member about 10 years ago.  I took a risk as one does with anything that is life time membership. I had seen the quality of the coaching resources, had reached out to Ronnie and I felt like he was the real deal.  Honestly I know I paid quite a lot of money for the lifetime deal but though even if lasts just 2 or 3 years I  will have gotten my monies worth.

Nearly 10 years later and Ronnie keeps on striving to make the best self help resource on the web, bar none.

Who is it for?

Anyone who is in the self development market, but it is particularly aimed at  self help practitioners, trainers and coaches.  

What type of content is available? covers a wide range of topics in the self help niche. From the “normal” goal setting self development content right thru to reports about ADHD, Mindfulness and more.

There are a number of different types of items available but here are just some to whet your appetite:

  • Articles – 300 plus word articles about a given topic
  • Affirmations – a guided affirmation with self reflection questions
  • Motivational wall papers – inspiring images with an inspiring quote which could be used on your blog or in a printed magazine
  • Reports – 15 – 20 page reports on a particular subject, which normally has corresponding articles
  • Workbooks – based on the reports, the workbooks  help you focus your mind on the topic at hand
  • Full blown courses – yes, Ronnie has now developed full blown courses for you to brand as your own (this one blows my mind!)
  • Audio tracks – great audio tracks that you can use to create self guided meditations or record affirmations and sell.

As you can see this is just a small selection of the content types that are available in

what can you do with the content?

The sky is the limit to be honest.  The one thing you can not do is sell the rights to use the content to any other person, ie you cannot resell on rights in any way shape or form. However, as a professional you would  not do that anyway!

The real beauty of is that it saves you time in so many ways.  No longer do you have to put on your creative hat when thinking about a blog post – search on the site, find the article, download, re-write it slightly and upload.

Need to give something away to build a list?  Download a series of articles or a report and use it as a lead magnet!

Want to create your very own self help product? Create a bundle and you have a new self help product ready for sale.

Of course many people will use the content in their own practice as ways to grow their own knowledge and for ways to grow their business (this is what I personally do.)

Is the content really that good?

In short yes! – feel free to check out the coaching resources here.

Never have I had a month where I found content and said – “that's not up to standard.” Honestly I don't know how Ronnie does it but every single month he delivers!

I use the content for my blog, for audios and podcasts and most recently to create and deliver Udemy educational courses.

My recommendation

Honestly if you are in the self help niche or are a professional coach then you need to invest in your business and invest in – you will thank me later!



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