Which Auto responder is best?



There is a saying online – they money is in the list. What this means is that the more people you can market to (who have had contact with you) the more money you can make.  Somewhere along the journey of internet marketing someone came up with a figure that each subscriber is worth, on average $1. Thus if you have a list of 10,000 people every time you mail them you stand to earn $10,000.

Now something I hate is when people call their list a “cash cow” that they can literally milk the last drop out of.  This is not the right way to think about your list, however, I digress.


A great question!  An autoresponder (AR) is a program that tallows you to collect email addresses by giving something of value to a website visitor in exchange for their email.  It then allows you to send automated messages to that visitor every X days, but also has the ability for you to send a broadcast email – i.e. an email to everyone outside of the list sequence.

Is there a difference in Auto Responder?

There are two main companies that are “affordable” – aweber and get response. Both offer a free trial or low priced trial. This is to get you in and hooked to their service!  Both have their advantages and disadvantages.

Personally I use the one provided by my hosting company. Why? Because I get everything I need in one clean interface – hosting, lead capture pages and auto responder. Sure it does not have as many bells and whistles as the competitor but it does what I need and I pay one price for everything, rather than having multiple bills!


Do some research to make sure that the AR you are choosing is:

  • well known – not some fly by night.  There are some new services that have been created by “gurus” that have a huge launch, make lots of money for the guru and his affiliates but then the guru drops the software like a hot potato!
  • has a good deliverability rate – there’s no point in creating a list and sending out emails if your emails are picked up by spam filters and never get delivered
  • allows you to set up automated sequence emails – this means that your visitor opts in and then they are sent out an email every X days
  • reporting – the AR should give you reports about opens, clicks and unsubscribes
  • templates – should let you create, save and load templates to make it easier for you to send out email so it fits your brand
  • built for marketers – make sure that you can actually send out affiliate offers, as I lost my list because somewhere deep in the terms and conditions it said that affiliate marketers were not welcome!

Those are just some of the basic features you could look out for.


If you already have your hosting set up then I would go for aweber

If you are thinking of changing hosts or are starting out I would go for the one I am currently using – insty.

For more information about setting up autoresponders and more check out my ultimate video collection

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