What is a lead magnet?



Once you start reading up about internet marketing and marketing online you will soon hear  the terms – lead magnets. So what exactly are lead magnets?  They are a very important part of your business!

A lead magnet is an ethical bribe you give a visitor of your site so that they sign up to your mailing list. It has to be something good and worth while.  Since there are so many websites asking for email addresses visitors are getting more reluctant to give it.  Thus the bribe has to be worth the persons time.

Once you bribe the person they then go into your auto responder sequence. However the firs step is getting that precious email address.


We have established that a lead magnet has to give value to the visitor, however it must also be highly relevant to what they are doing on your website.  For example on one of my sites I have an explanation of Neuro Linguistic Programming – the obvious lead magnet here is to offer something based on NLP like my NLP primer.  If I were to offer a goal setting course it might work but would not be as effective.

Many people become stumped at the thought of creating a lead magnet as they say they can’t write, they can’t shoot a video, the don’t have anything to offer.  This is where Private Label Rights come in (commonly know as PLR).  These are products that a person can download, alter and put their name on and use for what ever purpose they want (sell the ebook, give it away etc).  This is my personal source of PLR and one of the only ones I use.

Once the lead magnet is created a squeeze page must be created in order to attract and entice the user to part with their email.


This depends as some people will say it is an ebook, but it could be an audio, a photo or even a video.  This is where you need to think and decide what your audience want more of and what works best for them.

Please also check out my next tip about squeeze pages.

I found this resource which gives you a collection of  videos and how to’s in nearly every aspect of business!

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