You need a tripwire!

Depending on how far you are into your internet marketing studies you may have heard of the phrase tripwire.  In this article I want to talk to you about the tripwire, why it is important and what it can do for your business.

A general definition of a tripwire is a low cost entry point into your sales funnel! Ok so I’ve already confused things lol!

Basically the process should go – Sign up form for a freebie -> on the thank you page you might make a low cost offer (tripwire) or you may do this in an email follow up. Those who buy your low priced offer or tripwire are more likely to buy other products in your sales funnel

Sales funnels explained

Before I go any further let me explain the sales funnel.  This is where you have a range of products that gradually increase in price.  At certain points in your email sequence or in the buying process you will offer these products to your customers.

Normally the tripwire will be a low cost, accessible product – perhaps under $20, then you will have another product at $97, then another at $197, $497 and upwards – this is the theory.  Of course when you are starting out this may not be possible but you could have a sales funnel from $7 to $97 (this of course brings up the next topic to discuss – product creation).

When deciding how to create your sales funnel you must make sure that all products within it compliment each other, otherwise people won’t buy.  You may think that the sales page is not good or the product is not good, but perhaps it may be as simple as the product does not sit logically in the sales funnel.

For example if I offer a free ebook about list building and then offer a $97 product about Facebook ads, and then another about Twitter I may find this is not a logical sequence.  Also printing has a part to play in it.

I can’t go from a $7 straight to a $97 product as the jump is too big.

However the first thing you must concentrate on is the tripwire

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