Do I need a domain name?

Good question! do you actually need a domain name well some marketers will say yes others will say no. Personally I think it is good to get a domain name because you’re going to start building a brand and building products based on this particular name.

A domain name is something like or for example this site so it’s something with or it could be a .ie or a

Your domain name becomes your website and perhaps your shopfront as well. It should cost under $20 to buy a domain name and you rent them on a yearly basis. This is very important because if you don’t renew your domain name after a year it will go back into the market and somebody else could buy it.

I always recommend that you put your domain name on auto renewal. This means the domain name will automatically renew each year.

A word of advice when it comes to domain names -take time to think about the domain name that you want to buy and only buy one or two because when I started out I made the mistake of buying 10,20 or 30 domains a year. I was then left in a situation where I had probably hundreds of domain names and hundreds of ideas but didn’t have time to put any of them into use.

For now I want you to think about is what domain name  you are going to use. Will it be your own name for example – this may or may not be available. Or will you decide that you are going to set up a site to promote your local plumbing business? If so you might a domain name like

Now once you have the domain name you need something called hosting.

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