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“WPInstantProtect” is a WordPress Plugin (for WordPress) that allows you to Instantly Protect Your Download Pages, With Just a Few Clicks.

Here's the issue:

You have a thank you page for a free gift. You create the download page as d0wnl0adhljkadfasdfh35″.html but what can happen is that a person can share that url, or the url can be indexed by the search engines.

When this happens people can easily find your free gift without opting in!

Or you want to quickly create a download page for a product so you create the craziest of urls but still people share  the url.

What WPInstantProtect does is add a long string to the end of your url for example thankyou.html?epk=FBhLt2LHtBvGXPetdiwbX0fkKZTwlNpzGUvAMj5RQxdkFQiaQC

You then put this url into your delivery system (an email, JVzoo etc). When a person clicks on the url the plugin will  remove the extra ?epk=FBhLt2LHtBvGXPetdiwbX0fkKZTwlNpzGUvAMj5RQxdkFQiaQC and the url will just have thankyou.html in it

Thus the downloader believes the url is thankyou.html – if they share it and are not authorised they can be redirected to a different page!

Ingenious and quick and your list are going to love it!

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Dear [first_name]

One of the big issues around having a website with downloadable content is that if people get the link to your download page – be it a free or paid product, they can share it and bypass your sign up process or your purchase process.

Either way you either lose subscribers or lose sales. That's a pain.

Now one solution is to create a membership site for each product you sell or give away. But you know as well as I do that this takes time and effort, and seriously who wants to spend days creating a membership site for a low end product.

Richard Butler has found a really innovate solution. It runs on WordPress and allows you to protect any page or post really easily.

Basically you create the page, you add a special string of text to the url and then use this as your download or delivery page.

When a user visits the page they seem the “clean url” ie the one with out the huge long string of text. If they share the page the system is set up to automatically redirect to any other page that you select! It's ingenious, clever, efficient and super simple. Grab this now at the special price and start protecting your page [insert affiliate link here]




Did you know that many website owners are being robbed on a daily basis and they don't even know?!

The have no way to quantify how much they are loosing, and it keeps happing.  Honestly many website owners create a product download page (or a freebie download page) and then name it with some obscure unguessable url like Th2n!kyou$2ewt34″.html. Yeah there's no way you might guess that, but you know what? People are still by passing the purchase system and downloading products for free!

The problem is that they are not using any protection on their site, and what they don't realise is that either the search engines are indexing their download page or the download page is being shared.

So why don't website owners use protection?  Because it's a pain to set up.  Up to now you'd have to use a complicated script or set up a membership site – OMG is what I say to that.

However, everything has changed! And now you can protect your downloads in two simple clicks!

You install ProtectYourPages [affiliate link] and then you specify which page needs to be protect. The script then creates a random string of text that you add to your download page url. So thankyou.html becomes thankyou.html?epk35325352hjk35234234234.

That's the first part.  Now you put that new link in your payment process as the delivery page.  When a user clicks the link the software removes the ? and all the other text so the page appears as thankyou.html.  If a user shares that page you can set it up so that a visitor is redirected to another page!

This is all invisible to the user!

Seriously this plugin rocks and you need to have it in your arsenal of tools

It's ingenious, clever, efficient and super simple. Grab this now at the special price and start protecting your page [insert affiliate link here]

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