How Can Richard Change Your (Business) Life?

Wow that's a pretty bold statement right!

I know what it's like when you are trying to find ethical and useful information to help you build your business online.  You don't have time to waste reading thru what appears to be a site that is there to help you when in fact you find out it is a “cleverly” disguised sales page.

You know, as well as I do, that there are many marketers out there who just want to take your money and really don't care about what you need.  It's a shame but it happens. But hey I am not here to bash other marketers I am here to help you.

Hi Richard. What a pleasant surprise finding your message. I am doing well and have had a lot of success in doing a massive project that I've had hanging over my head for a while and that I was procrsatinating in doing, thanks to the things I learned in the Supercharge class.

Miriam Delgado

My sole aim in life is to help people, just like Miriam above.  To help them discover that they can make changes in their lives and they can succeed.

Let me introduce myself!

I am a life, business and success coach from Ireland but now living in the beautiful Mediterranean city of Barcelona (a fantastic city which I now call home.) I am an part time entrepreneur (I currently work a full time job and then coach people and build websites in the evenings.)

The internet is something that has always fascinated me – interesting fact I remember telling people about Google when it first launched and saying “not sure how good a search engine it is but let's see ….” wow now that is tell you something about how long I have been around!

I have had a passion for training and helping people and have been doing so for the last 20 years.

The content was excellent and I've walked away with a better understanding of the roadblocks in my life (spoiler alert, overthinking). The course covers answers you probably have such as “how can I be mindful”, “how do I deal with the fast pace of life” and “I'm worried about the future, can this help”.

Greg Merrick

The point of this website is to to help you break thru the BS that is online.  One great marketer told me that “we need more good people like you online”

I know for a fact that selling information products online is the way forward for me and for you.  However, I have become increasingly frustrated by the complete nonsense, lies and untruths that are touted online.

Many of the gurus only want to make a buck out of you and not really help you. The honest truth is the less they help you, the more confused you get, the more “magic buttons” they can sell you.  I have seen this for the last couple of years and it seems to becoming more apparent and apparent.  There are some really good guys who are actually making money and helping people and businesses by providing the correct information and services, however there are many who are just selling you “stuff” to get you to resell it to other opportunity seekers!

this interview with Richard was full of great, actionable content as well. Lots of useful tips in the resources included and they also mention what to focus on as well on what to avoid. If you're a business person that has been stuck for a while and can't afford hiring a top class business coach, this training may help you jump through a few more hurdles in reaching your goals, highly recommended!

Sergio Felix

I'm here to help give you honest reviews of new products, discuss some strategies that work and honestly tell you about my journey.

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