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I am fed of people falling for the “gurus” and wasting their money on garbage.

Too many people are giving the wrong information to people who are starting online.

This site is going to help you find honest product reviews of products that I have used.

If I don’t like the product I will tell you, if I love it I will tell you too.  My aim is to make sure someone tells you the truth.

I also have a business articles to help you build your online business.

About Richard

Richard is a life and business coach based in Barcelona who has been online for over 20 years

In the last 20 years he has seen the rise and fall of many gurus, and can advise you on who to trust and who to stay away from!

There are many gurus who are just after your money and bring out "the best product that you can't live without" only to take your money and run.

I'm here to cut thru all of this BS and give you the information that you need.

  • No fluff no BS just straight talking information and reviews

  • Only the best information will be provided here

  • Only reliable information and honest reviews will be published here

  • While nobody can be an expert, Richard has extensive knowledge to guide you on your path to building an online business

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